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BIOMED presentation for BRAIN initiative efforts

Our conference paper to the OSA Biomedical Optics Conference (BIOMED) has been accepted for presentation:

A. K. Jha, Y. Zhu, J. Dreyer, J. Kang, A. Gjedde, D. Wong, A Rahmim
Incorporating boundary conditions in the integral form of the radiative transfer equation for transcranial imaging

This work is part of our funded BRAIN initiative effort. We are focusing on the inverse problem associated with transcranial optical and photoacoustic imaging. To achieve accurate image generation, we require accurate models for photon propagation through the tissue, accounting for boundary conditions, which this abstract pursues.

Interestingly, BIOMED has devoted a topical meeting/section to “Optics and the Brain”, given renewed funds and efforts by the US BRAIN initiative and European Human Brain Project to gain a better understanding the brain as a critical frontier in science and medicine.

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