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Eight abstracts accepted to the SNMMI 2016 meeting

Eight submissions from our lab and our collaborations were accepted (5 orals, 3 posters) to the annual meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging (SNMMI), held in San Diego this year (June 11-15, 2016). This is always a fantastic meeting that brings together the best in the field, with very strong basic science and clinical tracks. The abstracts are as follows:

  • Application of texture analysis to DaTscan images for enhanced assessment of progression in Parkinson’s disease   
    A. Rahmim, Y. Salimpour, S. Jain, S. Blinder, I. Klyuzhin, G. Smith, Z. Mari, and V. Sossi
  • Application of novel PET metric to quantify liver metastases for enhanced prognostication of clinical outcome
    A. Rahmim, C. R. Schmidtlein, K. P. Bak-Fredslund, R. M. Subramaniam, A. Morsing, S. Keiding, and O. L. Munk
  • Adaptive PSF modeling for enhanced heterogeneity quantification in oncologic PET imaging
    S. Ashrafinia, E. M. Gonzalez, H. Mohy-ud-Din, A. K. Jha, R. Subramaniam, and A. Rahmim
  • Simultaneous SUV/Patlak-4D whole-body PET: a multi-parametric 4D imaging framework for routine clinical application
    A. Karakatsanis, M. A. Lodge, G. Fahrni, M. E. Casey, Y. Zhou, R. Subramaniam, H. Zaidi, and A. Rahmim
  • Optimized Haralick texture quantification to track Parkinson’s disease progression from DAT SPECT images
    A. Rahmim, Y. Salimpour, S. Blinder, I. Klyuzhin, and V. Sossi
  • PSF overestimation improves PET image SUV quantification
    S. Ashrafinia, H. Mohy-ud-Din, N. A. Karakatsanis, M. E. Casey, M. A. Lodge, and A. Rahmim
  • Robustness of textural features in 11C-choline and 18F-FDG PET/CT scans of nasopharyngeal carcinoma
    L. Lu, W. Lv, J. Jiang, J. Ma, Q. Feng, A. Rahmim, and Wufan Chen
  • Enhanced dynamic cardiac PET imaging using complementary reconstruction
    B. Yang, A. Rahmim, and J. Tang


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