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Five oral presentations on our BRAIN initiative efforts

Five conference submissions related to our BRAIN initiative efforts have been accepted as oral presentations at 2017 SPIE conferences (first four at Photonics West and last one at Medical Imaging). We look forward to sharing our interesting findings in active efforts towards transcranial optical and photoacoustic imaging of network activity in the intact brain:

  • H. K. Zhang, J. Kang, P. Yan, D. Abou, H. N. D. Le, D. Thorek, J. Kang, A. Gjedde, A. Rahmim, D. F. Wong, L. M. Loew, and E. M. Boctor
    Listening to membrane potential: photoacoustic voltage sensitive dye recording
  • Y. Zhu, A. K. Jha, J. K. Dreyer, H. N. D. Le, Jin U. Kang, P. E. Roland, D. F. Wong, and A. Rahmim
    A three-step reconstruction algorithm for fluorescence molecular tomography based on compressive sensing
  • H. N. D. Le, Y-T. A. Gau, A. Rahmim, D. F. Wong and J. U. Kang
    Through-skull vasculature assessment using fluorescence brain imaging on murine models at around 800 nm.
  • J. Kang, H. Kai Zhang, A. Rahmim, D. F. Wong, J. U. Kang, and E. M. Boctor
    Toward high-speed transcranial photoacoustic imaging using compact near-infrared pulsed LED illumination system
  • A. K. Jha, Y. Zhu, D. F. Wong, and A. Rahmim
    A radiative transfer equation-based image-reconstruction method incorporating boundary conditions for diffuse optical imaging

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