Conference works

11 Presentations at 2019 EANM Annual Meeting

Eleven accepted works by our team and collaborators (5 oral; 6 posters) are being presented at the 2019 Annual Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM), taking place in Barcelona on October 12-16:

  • X. Hou, W. Lv, J-M. Buregaurd, A. Celler, and A. Rahmim
    Dose distribution radiomics: a new paradigm for assessment of radioligand therapy
  • W. Lv, S. Ashrafinia, J. Ma, L. Lu, and A. Rahmim
    Multi-level multi-modality fusion radiomics: application to PET and CT imaging for improved prognostication of head and neck cancer
  • S. Ashrafinia, P. Dalaie, M. S. Sadaghiani, T. H. Schindler, M. G. Pomper, and A. Rahmim
    Standardized radiomics of clinical myocardial perfusion stress SPECT images to determine coronary artery calcification score
  • I. Shiri, P. Ghafarian, P. Geramifar, K. H. Leung, M. Oveisi, A. Rahmim, and M. R. Ay
    Deep direct attenuation correction of brain PET images using emission data and deep convolutional encoder-decoder for application to PET/MR and dedicated brain PET scanners
  • I. Shiri, G. Hajianfar, S. Ashrafinia, E. Jenabi, M. Oveisi, and A. Rahmim
    Radiogenomics analysis of PET/CT images in lung cancer patients: Conventional radiomics versus deep learning
  • R. Ataya, C. F. Uribe, R. Coope, A. Rahmim, F. Bénard
    Variable density 3D-grids for non-uniform activity distributions in PET and SPECT phantoms: a proof of concept
  • Y. Zhu and A. Rahmim
    MR-guided partial volume correction of 3D PET images using a split Bregman optimized parallel level set framework
  • C. Miller, A. Rahmim, and A. Celler
    Dual-isotope peptide receptor radionuclide therapies with 177Lu and 90Y: is quantitative imaging possible?
  • C. F. Uribe, N. Colpo, E. Rousseau, F. Lacroix-Poisson, D. Wilson, A. Rahmim, and F. Bénard
    Regularized reconstruction improves signal-to-noise and quantification for 18F- PSMA PET/CT imaging
  • S. Rezaei, P. Ghafarian, A. K. Jha, A. Rahmim, S. Sarkar, and M. R. Ay
    Joint compensation for motion and partial volume effects in PET/CT images of lung cancer patients: impact on quantification for different image reconstruction methods
  • H. Vosoughi, P. Geramifar, M. Hajizade, F. Emami, A. Rahmim, and M. Momennezhad
    Optimized PET reconstructions: can they be harmonized as well?

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