Qurit Team

Arman Rahmim,

Associate Professor
Departments of Radiology and PhysicsUniversity of British Columbia
Provincial Medical Imaging Physicist
PET Functional ImagingBC Cancer
Senior Scientist
Integrative OncologyBC Cancer Research Centre
Phone: 604-675-8262
email: arman.rahmim AT ubc.ca
Links: Google Scholar

Carlos Uribe,

Medical Imaging Physicist
Provincial PET Functional Imaging, BC Cancer
Clinical Instructor
Department of Radiology, UBC
“Clinical Molecular Imaging and Therapy”
email: curibe AT bccrc.ca

Xinchi Hou,

Research Associate (2018-)
Department of Radiology, UBC
“Quantitative SPECT imaging towards improved clinical and dosimetric assessment”
email: xinchi.hou AT ubc.ca

Ivan Klyuzhin,

Research Programmer (2019-)
Department of Integrative Oncology, BC Cancer Research Centre
“Advanced AI-driven analysis of PET/CT images for prostate cancer and lymphoma patients”
email: ivan.skn AT outlook.com
website:  http://www.ivankz.com

Fereshteh Yousefi
Rizi, PhD

Post-doctoral Research Fellow (2020-)
Department of Integrative Oncology, BC Cancer Research Centre
“State-of-the-art PET/CT segmentation for improved predictive modeling”
email: yousefi.f AT gmail.com

Graduate Students

Yansong Zhu, MSE

PhD Candidate (2017-)
MSc Candidate (2015-2016)
Department of ECE, JHU (Visiting UBC Student, 2018-)
“Advanced Image Reconstruction and Analysis for Fluorescence Molecular Tomography (FMT) and Positron Emission Tomograpy (PET)”
email: yzhu46 AT jhu.edu

Cassandra Miller

PhD Candidate (2018-)
Co-advised with Dr. Anna Celler
Department of Physics & Astronomy, UBC
“Quantitative SPECT-based Personalized Dosimetry in Radioligand Therapy”
email: cassandramiller AT phas.ubc.ca

Mohammad Salmanpour, MSE

PhD Candidate (2017-)
Department of Energy Engineering & Physics, Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic) (Visiting UBC Student, 2020-)
“Prediction of Outcome in Parkinson’s Disease Patients via Optimized Machine Learning”
email: m.salmanpoor66 AT gmail.com

Alexander Hart

MSc Candidate (2019-)
Co-advised with Dr. Wayne Beckham
Department of Physics & Astronomy, UVic
“Harmonized PET/CT Imaging”
email: alexanderjhart AT uvic.ca

Kevin Leung

PhD Candidate (2017-)
Co-advised with Dr. Yong Du
Department of Biomedical Engineering, JHU
“Deep Learning Based Image Segmentation and Prediction of Outcome”
email: kleung8 AT jhmi.edu

Undergraduate Students

Roberto Fedrigo

Co-op Student (2019-)
Department of Physics & Astronomy, UBC
“Realistic Anthropomorphic Phantom Studies in PET Imaging”
email: r.fedrigo AT alumni.ubc.ca

Arash Javanmardi

BSc Candidate (2019-)
Honors Thesis Project
Department of Physics & Astronomy, UBC
Thesis: “Validation of radiomics features using a variable density 3D printed PET phantom”
email: arashj1997 AT gmail.com

Adam Watkins

Co-op Student (2020-)
Department of Radiology, UBC
“Applications for Organization & Visualization of Imaging Data”
email: adam_watkins AT sfu.ca

Yas Oloumi

Summer Student (2020-)
Engineering Physics, UBC
“Tumor growth modeling for quantitative PET/CT imaging”
email: yasoloumi1998 AT gmail.com

Cariad Knight

NSERC USRA Student (2020-)
Biophysics, UBC
“Pipeline processing of clinical dynamic whole-body PET imaging”
email: cariad.knight AT alumni.ubc.ca